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We capture the moments, the sensations, the gestures: from the Amalfi Coast to Lake Como, to Morocco and across France. But always looking for a bit of Italy, of its unique beauty and its evocative, boundless panoramas: cities or small villages, lakes just a step away from the mountains and the sea just a step away from everything. 

Let yourself be carried away by a unique emotion: yours. 

Your Wedding Videomaker of choice

The Wedding Videomaker is a professional whose job is to take care of the smallest details in an exclusive way,
the video of your wedding.

Its objective is to provide a higher quality than the 'classic' videos that focus on the ceremony. For this reason, the evolution of this professional figure is a direct consequence of the future bride and groom's need to have a product that is superior to the 'standard' product that photographic studios generally guarantee.

Each shot is chosen to enhance the beauty of your most beautiful day, thus offering a product of the highest quality.

videomaker wedding in Rome sunset kiss on the Campidoglio terrace

Imagine you could build a memory box. Which moments would you fill it with?

your wedding video is your own personal time machine

A Timeless Moment

Through the eyes of our wedding videomakers, you can relive the excitement of that day forever.

post-ceremony videomaker wedding service overlooking the sea in front of the Faraglioni of Capri

Wedding on Capri

Cristina + Mirco

Breathtaking views, the scent of the sea and lemons, a great love story: our adventure on Capri!

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Why choose a videomaker for your wedding

Many couples-to-be are not satisfied with the classic, standard video made by photographers. Not only that, but these people are sometimes not chosen directly by the bride and groom, and in most cases they don't even know the couple, their needs and their peculiarities. The result? The work delivered will be commonplace, devoid of any subjective and specific characteristics of the couple themselves.

That's why a videomaker is the added value for your wedding. The wedding videomaker works closely with the bride and groom from the very beginning. Our aim is to bring out the personality of the bride and groom, telling the story of their special day by capturing all those loving gestures that only the attentive eye of a professional can capture.

If the bride and groom want a high quality video, this way we are sure that this content will remain forever the main memory
of their most beautiful day.

Separating the two professions - photographer and video maker - is in fact to the advantage of the bride and groom, who during their wedding will have at their disposal two types of professionals chosen directly and carefully by them, who will work to high quality standards just as the bride and groom want and expect.

a precious moment that can be captured and preserved forever


a precious moment that can be captured and preserved forever


Christmas wedding at San Giusto Abbey splendid service with videomaker wedding in the open countryside

Beatrice + Patrick

Abbey of San Giusto - Tuscania


we will tell your story with an attentive, yet spontaneous and discreet gaze

young Norwegian-Australian couple Italian wedding at the Castello del Trebbio in Tuscany

Trebbio Castle

Antara + Robin

from Australia to Tuscany, via Norway: our wedding at Castello del Trebbio!

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Relive every moment

Having the story of your wedding in your hands in video format means experiencing all the emotions of that day in a completely different - and more profound - way than photos.
- and more profound - than photos.

A photo stops time, a video makes it flow in a completely different way. The video can capture the magic of your wedding in just a few minutes. You will be able to relive the most emotional moments as if you were still there: the mother who is moved, the father who looks sweetly at his daughter during the first dance with the bride, the beauty of a loving glance from the groom to the bride, but also all the funniest moments of the evening.

Our Experience

Experience and training are essential in this job, and after almost 400 weddings, we at De Lorenzo Wedding can consider ourselves at the top of our game!

Our eyes are trained to detect the smallest details and we use only professional tools. This is the only way we can guarantee a quality and emotionally rich wedding photography service. We have received numerous international awards, which only confirm and certify our professionalism and competence.

Our style is natural and spontaneous, but at the same time cinematic.
Each video is analysed in detail in order to fully satisfy every request from the bride and groom. Do not overlook the importance of the video in your wedding, because it is a way of telling the story of the day which, together with the photographs, completes the memory you will have of these wonderful moments.

rice throwing after civil ceremony at Cernusco Lombardone Castle

"We chose Thomas and his team because of their spontaneous and natural style: they let us enjoy the day, we never had to go out of our way to shoot anything, we just had to be ourselves and they did the rest. Thank you!!!"

young Norwegian-Australian couple Italian wedding at the Castello del Trebbio in Tuscany

"We met Thomas through his videos and immediately fell in love with his work (masterpieces!)."

What we offer

De Lorenzo Wedding is your wedding videomaker in Italy and throughout Europe.
Contact us to talk about your big day!

We will provide you with the best ideas for wonderful wedding videos, always listening carefully to all your needs. Whatever your destination and wedding theme, we will capture your perfect day in the best possible way.

We will capture your love and let the camera tell the story of one of the most emotional moments of your life. We will enhance every loving gesture you exchange during your fateful 'yes', reconstructing the story of your most beautiful day.

If you are looking for a wedding videomaker who can really get to grips with your special day, do not hesitate to contact us.

We cherish your memories.

spectacular motorboat excursion with the bride and groom and wedding videomaker on Lake Como

The Soul speaks of things that the Eyes cannot see

let's go together to the essence of your story

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