Abbey of San Giusto

Christmas trees and wild flashmob: our wedding at San Giusto Abbey!

Christmas wedding at San Giusto Abbey splendid service with videomaker wedding in the open countryside

Abbey of San Giusto

Beatrice + Patrick


Marriage of Beatrice and Patrick in the Abbey of San Giusto

What could be more fun and familiar than Christmas? It is a celebration that tastes of home, surprises and wonderful lights. Today we meet Beatrice and Patrizio, a couple who have decided to combine the joy of Christmas with the celebration of love.

So they said their "I do's" in the coldest season, but the warmth they received from their family members who had a great time among the decorations and the Christmas atmosphere.

panoramic drone view of the Abbey of San Giusto in Tuscania

The Winter Wedding

There are many brides who decide to abandon the tradition of a sunny, summer wedding to become snow queens. 

The advantage is certainly not to suffer from the heat typical of summer weddings. The winter theme, with white snow, is also perfect for a wedding where the dress is usually white.

Furthermore, the choice to get married in December is very attractive as it is a magical time of the year, when Christmas is approaching and people are in the mood to celebrate and be together.

So why not take advantage of it by saying yes in winter?

detail of rings on wooden logs Christmas wedding at the Abbey of San Giusto in Tuscania

San Giusto Abbey in Tuscania is a 12th-century building surrounded by greenery. It is a location that offers the possibility of reserving the entire structure and organising the event in a variety of outdoor and indoor settings, which is why it is so popular with future brides and grooms. Beatrice and Patrizio chose it for their wedding, which took place in winter during the Christmas period, on 21 December.

Most weddings are planned between May and September, but far fewer couples get married in winter, perhaps because not everyone realises that the cold months also have their own magic. In particular December, when the Christmas period falls, can give the ceremony a unique touch, making the event different from all the others.

Beatrice and Patrizio's wedding in the Abbey of San Giusto was very emotional. With its twists and turns and strong feelings, it filled the hearts of everyone present. The ceremony was very touching: the happiness of the couple was palpable and the emotion contagious. The decorations, in keeping with the festive season, were discreet in shades of dark red, cream and gold; there were also touches of light that created a warm atmosphere in the rooms, despite the cold temperatures outside. 

detail of the elegant Christmas-themed winter wedding table setting at the Abbazia di San Giusto in Tuscania

Photo Shooting

The photo shoot dedicated to the newlyweds Beatrice and Patrizio was surprising: at that very moment there was a persistent wind that gave a unique touch to the couple's first intimate moments. This allowed our colleagues at In Bianco e Nero to take some original and unusual photos: while Beatrice and Patrizio exchanged intense glances, the bride's veil drifted in the breeze, creating some very poetic images, difficult to see on a summer's day.

A kiss, a whisper, a caress, thanks to the professional shots were transformed into wonderful gestures of great emotion. 

The result was a series of really evocative and spontaneous shots, beautiful to look at and to joyfully remember that magical moment.

outdoor photo session with strong wind Christmas wedding at San Giusto Abbey in Tuscania
The party and the wild dances

Beatrice and Patrizio returned to the great hall of the Abbey of San Giusto, where they had decided to celebrate with friends and relatives. They were greeted by the warmth of their guests and let loose in a very engaging reception

The deep emotions felt during the ceremony gave way to an explosion of energy that was only slightly dampened by a technical fault: the light went out.

The first reaction was one of surprise. For a moment, it seemed as if there were some well-known personalities or the wedding cake in store. Instead, it was just a misunderstanding.

However, nobody lost heart and the event turned into a moment of laughter and tranquillity.

This unexpected situation was also a pretext to make Beatrice and Patrizio's wedding even more unique. In fact, the musical group in charge of the event improvised an acoustic karaoke where each table could sing a song at the top of their lungs. 

In this way, even the shyest guests were able to sing their favourite songs without being seen.

By the time the electricity came back on, it was time for the cutting of the cake. Everyone gathered around the bride and groom who were standing in front of a large Christmas tree decorated in accordance with the hall. 

But the excitement didn't end there: nobody could hold back the tears of emotion when Beatrice danced with her dad. The shots from the party show her smiling in the arms of the other man in her life and being rocked to the tune of a romantic song. It was a very touching moment, the last before an evening that turned out to be wild from the start.

In fact, they all took to the dance floor during the flashmob organised by their friends in which they performed a choreography to the tune of Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas', complete with Santa hats on their heads.

Exciting finale of the bride's dance with her father Christmas wedding at the Abbey of San Giusto in Tuscania
fun Christmas-themed winter wedding flashmob at San Giusto Abbey in Tuscania

The party went on until late and nobody seemed to be really interested in leaving. They were all caught up in the Christmas atmosphere and the notes of the theme songs. 

intimate and romantic moment of the outdoor photo session at the Abbey of San Giusto in Tuscania

San Giusto Abbey was the backdrop that made every moment of Beatrice and Patrizio's winter wedding magical, creating a truly unique event. It gave a truly captivating medieval touch and made for some very impressive photos. There was an air of celebration, history and love. In short, no one noticed the winter temperatures, busy as they were celebrating the couple's union!

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