Borgo della Merluzza

A small historic town nestled in the countryside just outside Rome: a truly exclusive location for your wedding!


Borgo della Merluzza is a small historic town nestled in the countryside just outside Rome. In this exclusive place you can enjoy relaxation surrounded by nature.

Its particular name derives from the poor blackbird that got trapped in the tower of the estate and began to sing desperately to be freed. According to legend, its song can still be heard on full moon nights. Although the blackbird sang to be released, sadly, its melodious song is said to be a good omen.

Borgo della Merluzza is located in the Bosco di Baccano estate, surrounded by the green Roman countryside. Today it has undergone many renovations to make it a warm and welcoming place, perfect for celebrating important moments in life and even your own wedding. In the past, as Gioacchino Belli tells us, the village was an ancient post station on the Via Cassia.

Back in the day, the place was known as Merluzza, due to the presence of the tower where the poor blackbird got stuck. Today the site offers a beautiful park of about 5 hectares with beautiful meadows and also an outdoor swimming pool at the complete disposal of visitors.

The rooms allow you to step back in time, although they have undergone a series of restorations to reveal all their beauty.

Getting married in Lazio

Lazio is the region of Italy that is home to the capital, the beautiful and historic Rome. However, we should not think that there is only this beautiful city in the area. Lazio offers unique views that take you back in time. Here you can savour the historicity of the region, which has been populated for centuries by different civilisations with their own unique characteristics.

In Lazio you can find villas, castles and countryside with fantastic agritourisms that allow you to taste the best Italian cuisine, the genuine and traditional one. Whatever the style of the wedding and the wishes of the bride and groom, this region in the heart of the peninsula has something for everyone.

If you don't particularly like the chaos of the city or if you want to visit Rome for its historical beauty and not to get married, Lazio offers some truly breathtaking landscapes. For example, a married couple could opt for a wedding in Tivoli, with its historic villas, or even at the beautiful Ostia Antica. Here you can savour the air of a bygone era, far away and overwhelming. The bride and groom can discover the marvellous Villa Adriana or Villa d'Este, but also many other smaller and equally beautiful locations.

In addition, these beautiful towns (which only a beautiful country like Italy can offer!) make for unforgettable photos in which to show off the couple's love. If you decide to celebrate your wedding in the countryside, nature will take centre stage. The exposed stones will give you an enviable, historical backdrop to immerse yourself in Italian traditions and the beauty of the villages.

Latium also allows you to celebrate your wedding on one of its romantic lakes: Bracciano, Vico and Bolsena are lakes surrounded by greenery that are particularly popular with both local and foreign couples. Here you can crown your dream of love in peace and beauty.

The bride and groom can also opt for an original celebration by taking their guests to the Pontine Islands archipelago. Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene, Santo Stefano and the largest, Ponza, are the six beauties facing the region to the south, on the border with Campania. They are particularly popular in summer, when there is little tourism and the waters are crystal clear.

Whether by the sea, in the mountains, in the hills or in the countryside, Lazio is the perfect region in which to get married!

Getting married at Borgo della Merluzza

The Borgo della Merluzza is perfectly suited to any wedding theme. The elegance of the villa is unparalleled and all brides and grooms, Roman, Italian and foreign, appreciate it. The surrounding olive trees offer the best of the Mediterranean landscape, while the attention to detail leaves any visitor speechless.

A wedding at Borgo della Merluzza offers unique moments immersed in nature, combining the rusticity of the location with the elegance of the structure. A seventeenth-century tower towers over the entire complex, to be admired and photographed. The secret garden is breathtaking, where you can immortalise the most romantic moments of the bride and groom on their special day.

The amphitheatre in the greenery is also surprising, a unique and wonderful place to take beautiful photos. It is also possible to celebrate the wedding by the pool (heated in winter) or in the spacious indoor halls. Here you can organise the ceremony, as well as the reception, the cutting of the cake or evenings with music.

A wedding in the green park, with its unique century-old trees, is a refined and perfect choice for up to 300 people. The manor house, on the other hand, can accommodate 50 to 200 people in its four rooms.

This ancient hamlet nestled in the quiet Roman countryside is the ultimate location for an unforgettable wedding reception.

There is plenty of space , both inside and outside the facilities. The choice falls on the 20-hectare park, green and rustic, with attention to the smallest details, perfect for celebrating the wedding in the warm season, or one of the ancient rooms inside the manor house that overlooks the village. Here you can enjoy your wedding even in the coldest season. The halls have antique fireplaces and prestigious period furnishings to take a step back in time.

Whether outdoors or indoors, the bride and groom can ask for a romantic buffet, a reception for a large number of guests, a welcome drink or a cocktail by the pool in summer.

Whether you are planning an elegant wedding or one that is in touch with nature and Italian tradition, Borgo della Merluzza offers a wonderful and perfect setting for your dream wedding. The bride and groom need only rely on the expert hands of the staff to make their day perfect. For the rest, they can enjoy their moment and let the camera immortalise it with the beautiful Lazio as a backdrop.

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