Trebbio Castle

From Oslo to the Tuscan countryside via Australia: a love that has travelled around the world!

young Norwegian-Australian couple Italian wedding at the Castello del Trebbio in Tuscany

Trebbio Castle

Antara + Robin


Antara and Robin's wedding at Castello del Trebbio

The Castello del Trebbio, nestled in the Tuscan countryside, is the ideal place to consecrate the love of all those

Castello del Trebbio, nestled in the Tuscan countryside, is the ideal place to consecrate the love of all those couples who want to say their "I do's" surrounded by nature and history, resulting in an event full of personality. Antara and Robin chose this very location for their wedding in Italy. Why come such a long way to say the fateful 'yes'?

The answer lies in the beauty of this place, known throughout the world and much loved by foreigners. The walls and towers of the castle, with exposed bricks and a flavour of yesteryear, emerge among the hills of Tuscany.

The atmosphere is serene and surrounded by nature, perfect for welcoming guests who expect to be surprised.

Castello del Trebbio Tuscany panoramic drone view

The decision to get married in Tuscany

Antara and Robin live in Oslo and have different origins: she is Australian but her parents are Indian, while he is Norwegian. Despite this mixture of cultures and origins, they wanted to celebrate their wedding in Italy, in Tuscany in particular. 

This region is rich in history and is home to some of the most famous cities in the world, first and foremost Florence, famous for its monuments and works of art. These places, however, are also renowned for their nature: the rural landscapes, the old farmhouses with exposed bricks, the vineyards and olive groves, always fascinate at first sight. Castello del Trebbio has all this and more, which is why it is perfect for organising a wedding. 

detail of the bride's preparations at Castello del Trebbio in Tuscany

The pre-wedding photo shoot and the ceremony

Antara and Robin, in addition to shooting the event, decided to do a pre-wedding shoot in the streets of Florence. How could they miss the exceptional opportunity to be immortalised in this fabulous city? The bride and groom posed in traditional Indian clothes, she in a Sari and he in a Kamiz. In this way they emphasised Antara's origins, also because during the ceremony they would both be wearing classical clothes.  

Pre-wedding shots convey all the excitement and anticipation of the ceremony. It's very nice to read on the faces of the bride and groom their enthusiasm for the life that awaits them. Their gazes meet and smiles spontaneously appear. The result is a natural and exciting photo book with the historical and characteristic background of the Florentine streets.

The wedding, the next day, took place inside the Castello del Trebbio. The bride and groom and their guests gathered in a cosy courtyard, squeezed between 12th century walls but lit by a bright light filtering down from above. 

The venue chosen for their "I do's" was decorated with small floral arrangements to match the bride's bouquet, featuring antique pink and dark red flowers, the typical colour of Indian weddings. The decorations were not too intrusive as the ambience was already quite distinctive, with a large rusticated doorway, brick windows and columns all around. 

After putting on her wedding dress, Antara walked with her father and a small bridal procession along a stretch of road through nature, overlooking the surrounding countryside. Her eyes filled with emotion as she passed through the ancient courtyard door and met the gaze of Robin, who a few moments later would become her husband.

These moments were portrayed in spontaneous, almost stolen shots, letting the faces do the talking. It is impossible not to be moved by the happiness of this loving couple and not to read the same joy in the eyes of their relatives.

The party at Castello del Trebbio

After the emotional ceremony, relatives and friends welcomed the bride and groom outside for an aperitif; they all gathered on a terrace with a splendid view of the Tuscan countryside. Castello del Trebbio, however, has many other settings that allow you to personalise your wedding to the fullest. 

Antara and Robin took time to talk to the owner of the building over a glass of wine and learn about the history of the historic building. Thus, they were able to choose those rooms of the palace to be dedicated to their reception, in order to personalise to the maximum an already magical day.

The lunch was held in a very intimate room with a barrel vaulted ceiling. The specially designed lighting created a unique atmosphere. Relatives and friends gathered around a long table to mark the union of the new family, and here they were able to taste the delicacies offered by the territory.

For the cutting of the cake everyone moved back outside to the terrace. The sun had already set and the darkness of the night was brightened and made magical by the many chains of light that covered the terrace, framing and warming this special moment. The stars were shining in the clear Tuscan sky, the most magical backdrop to celebrate the birth of a new husband and wife couple.

No wedding is complete without music and fun. Castello del Trebbio was transformed into an open-air dance floor for the occasion, with wild dancing until late into the night. It was an intimate and very heartfelt ceremony, Antara and Robin, although far from their place of origin, experienced special moments that they will remember forever, thanks to the choice of a unique location.

After all, Italy is a romantic country full of wonderful places to celebrate love. Castello del Trebbio, with its history, good food and surrounding nature, does not go unnoticed even by foreigners whose greatest dream is to come to our beautiful country and say the most important "yes" in life.

excited newlyweds during the photo shoot in the cloister of Castello del Trebbio in Tuscany

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