Castle of Cernusco Lombardone

Cernusco Lombardone Castle: the ideal location for Sara and Alessandro's wedding

Romantic sunset photo shoot of the bride and groom in silhouette at Cernusco in Lombardone Castle

Castle of Cernusco Lombardone

Sara + Alexander


Cernusco Lombardone Castle: the ideal location for Sara and Alessandro's wedding

A magical place, exuding history and beauty, in the heart of Brianza, a stone's throw from Milan.

The walls of this castle stand in beautiful Alta Brianza, surrounded by greenery and with a climate that is always ideal for being outdoors.

Many cultural and recreational events are organised here, as well as high-level business meetings and, above all, weddings. The size of the halls does not go unnoticed, nor do the wonderful external courtyards with exposed bricks and a strong medieval flavour.

The Castle of Cernusco Lombardone is undoubtedly a special location for unforgettable weddings that combines the charm of ancient times with the modernity of an exclusive service.

Sara and Alessandro made a really smart choice that really surprised everyone and made their wedding the best day of their lives.

elegant staging of the outdoor ceremony at the Cernusco in Lombardone Castle

To celebrate their wedding, Sara and Alessandro opted for a location in Brianza that could host both the civil ceremony and the light-hearted party with family and friends. The castle in Cernusco Lombardone fully lived up to their expectations, as it has various internal rooms for the reception, but also a beautiful garden overlooking the Montevecchia hill.

You can book the entire venue for your event, without anyone else interfering with your ceremony. This certainly made Sara and Alessandro's day very special and carefree.

Getting married in Brianza

The territory of Monza and Brianza is rich in naturalistic, historical-cultural, religious and gastronomic aspects. Choosing this area means getting away from the hustle and bustle of Milanese life to enjoy some fresh air.

Brianza is also home to a number of lakeside areas, heading towards Lecco, as well as hilly areas where, on a clear day, you can see the Milanese skyline.

Getting married in Brianza therefore means choosing an exclusive location, with a refined flavour, but also surrounded by nature. Marrying in Brianza is an unforgettable experience that will amaze both the bride and groom and their guests. 

Sara and Alessandro's romantic yes

Sara got ready in the thousand-year-old halls of the castle of Cernusco Lombardone. Her bridesmaids stood by her during those moments when tension mixed with happiness. She could not wait to go down to the main hall, where she would meet Alessandro and become his wife.

She also had the support of her father, with whom she has a special bond: to make the day even more special, they came up with a surprise for all the guests during the reception.

The ceremony, presided over by the mayor of Cernusco Lombardone, took place in the garden of the castle under a gazebo adorned with white drapes and cascades of white and powder blue flowers: the colours the couple chose for their wedding. Sara was, as per tradition, accompanied by her father to the altar who, in the grip of emotion, could not hold back his tears. The ceremony was short but very heartfelt and, immediately after exchanging their vows, Sara and Alessandro were showered with rice and soap bubbles. The enthusiasm of those present and the happiness was palpable, which gave rise to jokes and laughter even during the ritual photos.

The shots are spontaneous, with a touch of naturalness and lots of looks that speak for themselves. Sara was thrilled and Alessandro's face showed his love for her. They were delighted to be able to start a new chapter in their lives together and the relatives around them shared the same emotion.

The ceremony was perfect, full of joy and emotion. All that remained was to move on to the celebrations.

end of the ceremony and rice throwing at the Castle of Cernusco in Lombardone
The entrance of the bride and groom

By choosing the castle in Cernusco Lombardone as the location, Sara and Alessandro's wedding guests only had to walk a few metres to get to the reception hall.

For the party, the bride and groom chose a romantic marquee with a transparent covering that allowed a glimpse of the surrounding nature, giving the impression of being outdoors. The entrance of Sara and Alessandro was in pure rock'n'roll style, the same determination and energy emerged in every moment of the party. During the dinner, until the cutting of the cake, there were unconventional moments of fun that entertained the guests. One of these was the sensual tango danced by Alessandro and Sara, which ended with a deep casqué.

The guests were all amazed, but little did they know that there was still much to see during the evening.

The right conclusion to a rock'n'roll wedding

At the end of the party there was a big surprise, it was one of the most exciting moments of the wedding: the dance between the bride and her father, which was charged with a very strong emotion thanks to the perfect setting provided by the castle of Cernusco Lombardone.

Sara and her father began a slow dance to Frank Sinatra's classic "My Way", but suddenly the music changed and a Bee Gees song played throughout the room. A surprised expression appeared on the father's face, followed by a few uncertain movements, but then he showed his dancing skills and let himself be carried away by the light-hearted rhythm of the song. In addition, in order to best interpret the exciting music, he shed his jacket and threw it in a choreographic movement. Father and daughter moved in unison in a moment that no one will ever forget, as all the guests welcomed the surprise with applause and cheers.

Everyone then jumped on the dance floor to support the two dancers and the celebrations went on for hours, amidst the laughter and dance moves of all the guests.

This was the fitting conclusion to a rock'n'roll ceremony held in the castle of Cernusco Lombardone, where emotions alternated with lots of fun.

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