Petrata Castle

An ideal location for a romantic wedding in the heart of Umbria, a stone's throw from the legendary Assisi!


Petrata Castle

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Petrata Castle is located in Assisi, in the province of Perugia, and is an ancient fortress dating back to the 14th century. Its construction began in 1340, during the Middle Ages, an era that greatly influenced the Umbrian landscape.

The castle stands on a hill and is surrounded by a 50-hectare park. It is therefore perfect for a rustic wedding, surrounded by nature and far from the chaos of our cities. Petrata Castle has become a popular destination for Italian and foreign couples alike. After all, such a marvellous view can only be found in our beautiful country!

Getting married in Assisi

Silent, sacred, rich in history and charm, Assisi is a town known throughout the world for its beauty. Almost all Italians visit it at some point in their lives. For those who don't know it yet, Assisi is a wonderful village perched on top of a hill overlooking a beautiful valley.

Its cobbled streets, light-coloured, brick houses and world-famous historical and cultural sites make it an unmissable destination. Going to Assisi for a day or a weekend means stopping time and experiencing a bygone era. The town has never changed since its foundation. It has always maintained its ancient structure and appearance. Perhaps this is where all its charm comes from.

Assisi was the home of St. Francis, who stripped himself of all his possessions to change the Church throughout the world. This was the starting point of his journey, as can be seen from the numerous sanctuaries, churches and monuments. Assisi was also the birthplace of St Clare, an important figure in the Catholic Church. Because of these two fundamental historical figures, Assisi attracts millions and millions of curious believers every year, ready to celebrate the beauty of life.

Assisi was also the centre of a very prolific artistic activity. Here you can admire works by the great Giotto and Simone Martini, but not only. A visit to the Pinacoteca Civica allows you to come into contact with all the marvels of Italian art of past centuries and get to know the true spirit of Assisi.

There is no shortage of attractions in this magical place, such as the famous Basilica of San Francesco, the Temple of Minerva, the Basilica of Santa Chiara, the Rocca Maggiore or the Piazza del Comune.

A town so rich in history and spirituality can only be the ideal destination for a married couple seeking intimacy and a deeper meaning for their wedding. Getting married in Assisi is a unique and magical experience, to say the least. The bride and groom will be able to offer their guests an original and relaxing location, but also unparalleled hospitality and some of the best cuisine in the world.

There are many beautiful wedding locations in Assisi. Let's take a closer look at one of them, the Castello di Petrata.

Getting married at Petrata Castle 

Castello di Petrata is a luxurious, yet rustic, Relais. Its structure includes a farm, a series of rooms and suites to enjoy Assisi, but also a wedding venue and an all-natural territory around it. The view is breathtaking and allows you to see the valley below.

Petrata Castle is of medieval origin and stands along the Franciscan path that connected Assisi to the famous village of Gubbio. Initially it was a luxurious private villa, but later it was transformed into a real fortress for defence against the Baglioni family. The structure as we know it today, however, was built in 1996 by the current owners.

The restoration took place after 50 years of neglect and lasted five. It is worth it, because today the relais offers truly exclusive spaces, while maintaining its old splendour and familiarity. The attention to detail is formidable: fortunately the structure has been completely maintained, combining it with a more modern and sophisticated style, to keep up with the times.

Each interior, each room, is different, providing variety for every need. Every place in the building has its own identity, in a blaze of beauty and history. The external façade, on the other hand, has remained more or less the same over time. The garden was created in 2001, with its beautiful and elegant flowering plants. In warm weather this place is the ultimate in beauty, ideal for taking memorable and spontaneous photos. The bride and groom love to pose with the summer roses and their guests in the beautifully landscaped lawns.

There are also sports facilities, a wellness centre, solarium and swimming pool to enjoy the beauty of Assisi in total relaxation.

Castello di Petrata is therefore perfect both for the reception and for relaxing after the ceremony, when the strongest emotions fade away, leaving room for love and happiness. The atmosphere is familiar and rustic, but also elegant and highly customisable. The staff, in fact, will know how to organise the spaces and events of the day in the best possible way, in order to meet the needs of all couples.

It is also possible to celebrate the symbolic ceremony in the beautiful garden with a splendid view of Assisi. The religious ceremony should be celebrated in one of Assisi's beautiful churches or in the Town Hall in the centre of the city. The staff will carefully decorate it with comfortable seating, a white carpet and a gazebo.

In addition to the exterior, the interior is also very spacious and fully customisable. Here you can organise a wedding buffet rich in local specialities and with a breathtaking view of Assisi. The structure also offers an exclusive room, the Limonaia, with a beautiful window overlooking the castle and the park, perfect for combining the warmth of a closed room with an open environment overlooking nature.

Castello di Petrata is not only a fantastic location for a wedding in Assisi, but also a farm that produces its own olive oil, cured meats, black truffles, vegetables and fruit. Hospitality and quality food are therefore guaranteed. Castello di Petrata offers the bride and groom a truly unique and original wedding location in Umbria that will leave a lasting impression on all their guests.

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