Wedding at Rosciano Castle

Directly from London to the heart of Umbria: a fairytale wedding in the beautiful setting of Castello di Rosciano.

rice throwing at the end of the ceremony at Rosciano Castle

Rosciano Castle

Vanessa + Johnny


Today we are going to meet a truly unique couple: Johnny and Vanessa are a married couple from London with a great passion for Italy who have decided to make their life's dream come true in a wonderful location. Castello di Rosciano is a magical place to say yes to love.

Famous for both Umbrians and foreigners, who stay several days to admire the surroundings, especially Assisi, this location gave Johnny and Vanessa's wedding an extra touch of class.

Let's find out how their fantastic day went.

Getting married at Rosciano Castle

The Castle of Rosciano, formerly called Russanum, is located in the hamlet of Signoria in the municipality of Torgiano. The area has a very ancient history, as it seems that the structure was built on an Etruscan site. It is located on a very picturesque hill, in a typical Italian landscape that foreigners adore, surrounded by nature and vineyards.

To be precise, it is located in the province of Perugia, in an Italian region that can offer many emotions thanks to its history and the tranquillity of its landscapes.

In the magical Rosciano Castle it is possible to celebrate a civil ceremony in a truly exclusive location, within the walls that once housed nobles, servants, soldiers and priests. Throughout the year, Rosciano Castle hosts receptions and events thanks to its numerous Medieval-themed rooms.

The size and variety of the outdoor and indoor venues allow it to accommodate all types of weddings, from traditional to themed, and to hold a large number of guests.

The various rooms also offer the possibility of taking wonderful photos throughout the ceremony, while the outdoor areas allow you to immerse yourself in nature and share special moments with your guests.

Jonny and Vanessa come from London to fulfil their dream of getting married in Italy, as many other compatriots have done over the years. Getting married in the Bel Paese means being immersed in an original environment, rich in history and emotions, with lots of beauty and unique flavours.

Let's see their event together.

Johnny and Vanessa: from preparations to the party

Already from the preparations it is clear how excited the bride and groom and their guests are. Johnny and Vanessa got ready in two different rooms in the castle, supported by their closest friends and relatives.

At this juncture, the bride and groom completed and rehearsed their personalised vows. The tension was sky-high, but so was the curiosity to see each other again in front of the person who would be attending the ceremony. They couldn't wait to promise each other eternal love and the emotion could be cut with a knife.

Both bride and groom opted for a very minimal look, with light tones that evoked modernity and serenity. Johnny wore a light-coloured waistcoat and jacket, while Vanessa opted for a princely but understated dress with a simple and elegant hairstyle. The groomsmen also matched the main colours of the wedding, which were very light and minimal.

Meanwhile, outside the castle the weather was not the best, vaguely cloudy and grey. However, the joy and excitement of everyone present made this a very cheerful day and the sun was shining inside Rosciano castle.

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place in the castle's small medieval chapel. Vanessa was walked down the aisle by her father, who was also dressed to match the groom and the groomsmen.

The ceremony was entirely in English, with all the couple's closest loved ones as witnesses. The room was small, but the atmosphere was magical, with a priest in medieval costume and people gathered in a small room with a historical feel.

At the moment of the kiss, no one could contain their excitement and everyone began to applaud the newlyweds non-stop. After leaving the chapel, the couple was showered with the traditional rice.ย 

Wedding photos

The rooms of the Rosciano castle offer a wonderful location for magnificent souvenir photos. In fact, the light penetrates through the large windows carved into the stone, while there is no lack of artificial lighting, which nevertheless recalls the medieval era.

Johnny and Vanessa exchanged spontaneous glances and gestures, which were immortalised in order to tell the story of their great love.

Not only that. Customary photos were also taken with groomsmen and bridesmaids. No one was left out. They were all very happy to be photographed in the beautiful gardens of Rosciano Castle alongside the English bridal couple.

La party

After the ceremony and the usual photos, it was time for the celebrations. The couple opted for an aperitif on the terrace and then a traditionalItalian dinner.

The typical Italian dinner was punctuated by the customary speeches, always full of amusing anecdotes about the couple. The atmosphere was very relaxed, suggesting that this would be a youthful and international party.

The celebrations combined traditional dancing with more modern and original ideas such as a cake show. This surprise was particularly appreciated as the bride and groom became improvised pastry chefs and assembled the multi-layered wedding cake with their own hands.

Everyone had a great time and also enjoyed a really delicious piece of cake.

After the surprise, it was time to dance. Everyone went wild to the notes of 70s and 80s disco music, bringing out that nostalgic feeling of a glorious time.

Johnny and Vanessa's unique and special day ended in the wonderful rooms of the Rosciano castle, with a breathtaking backdrop of the Umbrian hills under an expanse of stars. The location couldn't have been more perfect, combining the history and energetic spirit of these two young newlyweds.

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