Orsini Castle Nerola

From London to the Lazio countryside, Nicola and Darren's Destination Wedding!

Intense looks between the bride and groom during the English wedding ceremony at Orsini Castle in Nerola

Orsini Castle Nerola

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Castello Orsini Nerola: the ideal backdrop for Darren and Nicola's union 

Castello Orsini Nerola, on the outskirts of Rome, was the ideal destination for the union of Darren and Nicola as it has

More and more foreigners are deciding to come to Italy to fulfil their dream. The backdrop of the Bel Paese is irresistible to anyone, especially that of Lazio with its ancient villages and the scent of tradition.

Let's find out about Darren and Nicola's wedding at Castello Orsini, a medieval castle a stone's throw from Rome.

panoramic view from the drone English wedding at Orsini Castle in Nerola
details of the groom's surprise gifts during the English wedding preparation at the Orsini Castle in Nerola

Wedding in Lazio

Latium hosts Rome in its territory, but it is also very varied: it offers beautiful landscapes, such as ancient villas, medieval villages, the sea, hills and cities.

More and more Romans are deciding to get married in greener areas with breathtaking views, but foreigners have also rediscovered the beauty of this area. There is no shortage of entertainment, an excellent climate all year round, cuisine that is appreciated throughout the world and a warm Italian welcome. 

detail of the bride's and bridesmaids' shoes English wedding at Orsini Castle in Nerola

Castello Orsini Nerola: the ideal backdrop for Darren and Nicola's union 

Castello Orsini Nerola, just outside Rome, was the ideal destination for Darren and Nicola 's union as it helped to make their special day even more magical. The couple wanted their second wedding to be a weekend-long celebration, so they chose Italy. They both live in England and to celebrate this event they decided to give all their guests a destination wedding in a magical place full of history and fun.

The watchword for the wedding was 'going wild' and the spacious venue did not disappoint. Castello Orsini Nerola is located in a picturesque location a few kilometres from Rome. The village sits on a rock with breathtaking views, ideal for taking photos to cherish forever.

The wild dances of the day before

Castello Orsini Nerola was the perfect location for Darren and Nicola's wedding. They decided to start the celebrations on the afternoon of Friday, the day before their union. In order to spend some time with family and friends who had come from far and wide, the couple decided to organise an informal barbecue with the tastiest meats in the area. The guests, most of whom were dressed in white, took to the dance floor after the meal for some wild dancing. Darren and Nicola had a house music DJ flown in from England to liven up the party.

After the late night, before embarking on preparations for the afternoon wedding, everyone relaxed by the pool. In fact, Castello Orsini Nerola offers a private garden equipped with deckchairs for sunbathing, a large pool for swimming and even a Jacuzzi for relaxing moments.

The swimming pool has a panoramic view and allows you to admire the Lazio landscape around the picturesque fortress.

Castello Orsini Nerola is perfect for business meetings, romantic getaways in the nature of central Italy or an unusual ceremony such as that of Darren and Nicola.

Darren and Nicola's yes

After lunch, in the medieval halls of the Orsini Nerola castle, which feature precious pieces that bring theatmosphere of yesteryear to life, Darren and Nicola started to get ready. While the bride was putting on her make-up and styling her hair, her future husband surprised her with lots of unexpected gifts.

The groomsmen, meanwhile, were experiencing a double thrill as, as well as preparing for their friends' wedding, they were also following an important England national team match. The match was between Scotland and England, with England winning, almost as a good omen for a wonderful wedding.

These moments were all skilfully captured to portray the excitement and anticipation for the big step.

The ceremony took place in the courtyard of the castle with a beautiful natural backdrop, this arboreal touch was echoed by the bridesmaids who wore a crown of a plant commonly known as nebbiolina on their heads. The bride made her entrance accompanied by her father and the excitement grew during the civil ceremony; when Darren and Nicola said their vows many of the guests pulled their handkerchiefs out of their pockets.

The whole ceremony was portrayed by skilful shots able to capture every emotion, in every single moment. The photos look so natural, with tense but satisfied and in love smiles.

The ritual photos with relatives and friends after the ceremony were very joyful: no one felt compelled to pose in front of a camera but everyone enjoyed light-hearted jokes and laughter.

reception with liva band directly from England English wedding at the Orsini Castle in Nerola

The big party 

The dinner in the Orsini Nerola castle was rather sober. What particularly impressed the guests were the typical products of the area which were eaten in a refined and elegant setting.

The party would begin shortly afterwards in another wing of the castle. In fact, the guests waited until they passed through the doors of the great throne room, where the party was to take place, to go wild.

The bride and groom's first dance opened the dance. After this, all the other guests took to the dance floor and partied in the open bar where acrobatic barmen served cocktails. 

The surprises didn't end there: the evening was enlivened by the performance of a band that arrived, like the DJ, directly from London and formed by some of the former members of Simply Red.

At 3.00am the celebrations came to a close but everyone wanted the day to last at least another 12 hours, to be close to Darren and Nicola.

The choice of the English couple could not have been more appropriate: they were able to combine the refinement of their country of origin with the wildest fun of Italy.

However, it was the setting of the wedding, the beautiful Castello Orsini Nerola, which offered unique emotions and a breathtaking location, that really dominated.

All this was witnessed by unique, natural and spontaneous shots, where the love of the bride and groom and the affection of their loved ones emerge.

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