A Photographer's Wedding on Lake Como

The majesty of the lake and its breathtaking views: experience an unforgettable wedding as a Photographer on Lake Como!

spectacular motorboat excursion with the bride and groom and wedding videomaker on Lake Como

Lake Como

Chiara + Umberto


Photographer Wedding at Lake Como: Chiara and Umberto's special day

A wedding on Lake Como is synonymous with a unique and refined event in a special location that captivates everyone at first sight. Chiara and Umberto were also captivated by the panorama created by this Lombardy lake.

A destination for a different and refined Italian spirit, Lake Como is a magical and sought-after place that has already attracted many celebrities. First and foremost, George Clooney, with his large villa on the water.

However, this area is also perfect for holding a wedding, as the lake element lends magic to the ceremony, while the landscape is a riot of greenery and historic houses.

The shots in this location are elegant, composed and precious, perfect to immortalise the love of two newlyweds forever.

panoramic drone view of Lake Como

Where to get married on Lake Como

Lake Como offers a surprising variety of locations to discover and experience in the company of your guests. 

Villas, churches, gardens, former convents with breathtaking views and large spaces to welcome guests are just some of the locations preferred by brides and grooms to celebrate their wedding.

One of these is the Rossino Castle, which dates back to 1200. This is what Manzoni described as the Castle of the Innominato in I promessi sposi (The Betrothed). It is located on the slopes of Mount Resegone and dominates an entire historic village. It therefore offers a location with a flavour of yesteryear, with an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Also worth a visit is the beautiful Villa Lattuada, with its 19th century Gothic style reminiscent of the Romantic period. It is surrounded by a marvellous garden and by a nature that has been taken care of down to the last detail. It is the perfect location for original photos and to welcome even the most demanding guests.

There are also cathedrals, churches and basilicas to crown one's love according to the traditions of the Catholic religion. In these historic and spiritual places, the bride, groom and guests can admire the beautiful frescoes, elegant decorations and symbols of the Christian religion to stunning effect.

The most beautiful churches in the area include the Basilica of San Fedele, the Church of Saints Nazaro and Celso and the rustic Church of San Giorgio.

rice throwing at the end of the ceremony Wedding Lake Como

Wedding at Lake Como: Chiara and Umberto's special day

A wedding on Lake Como is synonymous with a unique and refined event in a special location that captivates everyone at first sight. Even Chiara and Umberto were fascinated by the panorama created by this Lombard lake nestled in the mountains. Its calm and deep waters remind those who observe them of the wonderful nature that surrounds it and in the sky, there is often a ballet of clouds: their continuous change creates romantic designs.

photo session on the motorboat across Lake Como

The emotion of a classic ceremony

When we talk about "Lake Como wedding" we immediately think about elegance and refinement. The union of Chiara and Umberto respected these canons. In fact, the couple opted for a classic ceremony in a small church just outside Lecco. The intimate atmosphere allowed the guests to gather around the couple and everyone was moved by the consecration of their love. Outside the church, Chiara and Umberto were surprised by a shower of rice and soap bubbles. 

If you organise a Wedding with a Photographer on Lake Como, you have to keep in mind some details: when you choose this location a boat trip is almost a must, in fact the couple decided to reach the restaurant with a very fast motorboat. In these moments beautiful photos were taken in which you can feel the love shining through their eyes, which was made even more intense by the beautiful mountain landscape that was reflected in the immense expanse of water that surrounded them.

details DIY wedding rings and invitations Wedding Lake Como
detail of the bride's preparations Wedding Lake Como

Chiara and Umberto's wedding: simplicity and refinement

Creating a special event requires choosing the right decorations, and Chiare and Umberto opted for simplicity. The leitmotif of the party was small silver-green leaves, white flowers and white Symphoricarpus berries. As well as in the decorations, which adorned the church and restaurant, the berries also played an important role in the bride and groom's outfits. 

details of the bride and groom's do-it-yourself wedding invitations and wedding favours Lago di Como
detail of the groom's preparations Wedding Lake Como

A small bunch of berries and herbs was placed in thegroom's buttonhole, creating a contrast with the blue jacket, which Umberto chose for the big event; the same decorations were also used to make a jaunty crown that adorned the bride's head. Chiara decided to wear it after the ceremony for photos at the restaurant. Even the menus and the church booklets were embellished with a touch of trees, which was the common thread throughout the party.

the bride and groom disembark from the motorboat arriving at the location on Lake Como
Villa Corte del Lago aerial view from drone Wedding Lake Como

Lake Como wedding: what this special location has to offer

Thanks to Umberto and Chiara's wedding on Lake Como, their guests were able to enjoy different locations. After the ceremony in Lecco, everyone moved to the nearby Villa Corte del Lago in Limonta, which can be reached by following the shores of the lake. The bride and groom made a triumphant arrival by motorboat. 

After lunch and musical entertainment by a live band, the cake was cut in the afternoon with the lake in the background. Some clouds covered the sun but their soft presence at low altitude did not spoil the event but allowed us to capture unique images of a place that seemed suspended between heaven and earth.

Lake Como Wedding: Chiara and Umberto will never forget their special day, thanks also to the beauty of the places they chose to experience these unique emotions. 

photo session on the shores of Lake Como with a backdrop of mountains and stormy skies

Wedding photos at Lake Como

The beauty of choosing this location is certainly the possibility to experience unique emotions and to be able to immortalize them in sensational shots. The lake certainly served as a frame to highlight all the love and passion of the couple, but also the interiors of the fabulous Villa Corte del Lago contributed to make the images unique and fabulous.

The structure is spread over three floors, offering locations halfway between classicism and modernity. The garden overlooks the lake and has allowed the bride and groom, but also their guests, to enjoy a wonderful view of the calm waters of Lake Como.

It is certainly a romantic and unique location to consider for your wedding.

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