Italian Wedding Photographer

De Lorenzo Wedding is the Italian Wedding Photography and Video team you've been looking for!

My team of wedding photographers and videographers operates in Italy and across Europe.

We capture the most beautiful moments of weddings and turn them into content you can look back on for a lifetime.

Take a look at our creations and be amazed!

We make wedding reportage, capturing the most exciting moments. Our wedding photos are taken by my team with decades of experience. Above all, we love our work and do it with a lot of passion.

Each album is tailor-made, full of emotions and colours.
We capture the feelings, gestures and glances of the bride, groom and guests. We capture the sounds, noises and words spoken during the wedding. Then we turn all this into albums and films that will move everyone who looks at them.

We strive to offer quality content, following the bride and groom's requests exactly. After all, every couple is unique and it is only right to emphasise their personality!

We like to show all the love between the bride and groom, but also highlight the beautiful locations and the fun of the guests.
Every wedding is made up of small moments of wonder and amazement, which we know how to recreate through a photographic story in line with the needs of the bride and groom. Through our photos, you will relive all the magic of your big day!


We are not just ceremony photographers. We are not just operators.

We like to say that we are like poets. We take what reality offers us and turn it into art.

We admire beauty and cannot help but immortalise it. Weddings are full of wonder: they are a celebration of love, they are set in locations that, time after time, leave us breathless!

The wedding photographer is the person who produces reports on ceremonies. His task is not just to take pictures. The wedding photographer listens to the bride and groom, notes their needs, writes down the idea of possible shots, then corrects images and composes the album as requested by the bride and groom.
Experience and training are essential in this job, and after almost 400 weddings, we at De Lorenzo Wedding are at the top of our game!

Our eyes are trained to detect the smallest details and we use only professional tools. Only in this way can we guarantee a quality and emotionally rich wedding photography service.

Why choose us as your Wedding Photographer?

Choosing us as a wedding photographer means getting in touch with a professional figure who is ready to listen to the needs of the bride and groom. Often, during the preparations, it is the wedding planner who hires a photographic studio, which may do its job well, but in an impersonal way. Our wedding photographers, on the other hand, first of all meet the couple. They discuss their wishes with them and turn their needs into ideas for a fantastic reportage!

De Lorenzo Wedding's wedding reportage is always personalised and emotional. This is an added value that we just can't give up. After all, you only get married once and then it's till death do you part, right?

Why rely on someone who takes standardised photos and videos? Wedding reportage is forever, and we know how important it is for it to be perfect, just like your wedding!

De Lorenzo Wedding, your wedding photographer in Italy and all over Europe

Contact us and tell us about your big day!

We will give you the best ideas for beautiful wedding photos and listen to your needs. Whatever your destination and wedding theme, we will capture your perfect day in the best possible way.

We will capture your love and let the camera tell the story of one of the most emotional moments of your life.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who really knows how to connect with your special day, do not hesitate to contact us.

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