Wedding on Capri

Breathtaking views, the scent of the sea and lemons: our adventure on Capri!

post-ceremony videomaker wedding service overlooking the sea in front of the Faraglioni of Capri

Wedding on Capri

Cristina + Mirco


A wedding on Capri to celebrate the love of Cristina and Mirco

The beauty of the island of Capri cannot go unnoticed and has become one of the most sought-after locations for couples from all over the world. In fact, more and more foreigners decide to say their fateful yes among the wonders of Capri, one of the most beautiful small Italian islands.

Capri's breathtaking locations are the perfect backdrop for amazing shots and immortalising a couple's love. You can choose to have your photo shoot by the sea, on the beautiful cliffs or in a relaxing green garden. The options are many and you just have to discover them all!

aerial view of the Faraglioni of Capri seen from a drone
detail of the bride's dress with the breathtaking view of the island of Capri in the background

Where to get married on Capri

If you choose Capri as the location for your wedding, you can choose from a number of different places to exchange your vows.

If you want to celebrate your wedding with a Catholic rite, there are several historic churches with frescoes and decorations that are nothing short of sensational. Among these, one cannot fail to mention Santo Stefano, perhaps the most famous church on the island. It is located right at the top of the stairs in the famous little square of the same name, offering a unique view of the coast. The structure is a former 16th century Benedictine convent, renovated by the Neapolitan architect Francesco Antonio Picchiatti.

The style is Baroque and wedding guests will not be able to stop admiring the fabulous decorated vaults. It is the ideal setting to crown the love of a lifetime.

Then there are Sant'Anna and Sant'Andrea, the former in the medieval heart of Capri and the latter near the beach of Marina Piccola. These two churches are much visited by tourists and offer an evocative location in which to welcome your guests. 

If you would like to have a civil ceremony, you can choose the Municipal Hall in the Piazzetta or various panoramic locations. 

These include the striking Gardens of Augustus, which are imposing but also relaxing and surrounded by nature. There are also several belvedere points with views of the sea, including Tragara and Punta Cannone.

In short, Capri is a popular location for many couples to have their wedding, like Cristina and Mirco.

Wedding on Capri breathtaking view of the Faraglioni with the bride and groom in the foreground

A wedding on Capri to celebrate the love of Cristina and Mirco

A wedding on Capri is a unique event that allows the bride and groom and all their guests to have a wonderful memory of the day. Cristina and Mirco made this choice: giving all their relatives and friends, scattered throughout Europe, a dream destination wedding in one of Italy's most beautiful destinations. Although they live in Switzerland, the couple decided to say their "I do's" on the island overlooking the famous Amalfi Coast.

exchange of bracelets between the bride and groom during the civil wedding ceremony in Capri
passionate kiss of the bride and groom at the end of the wedding ceremony on Capri
The emotion of a ceremony on Capri

The island of Capri is renowned for its blue sea, its shopping sprees and its breathtaking views. One of its beauties, known all over the world, are the Faraglioni: large rocks balanced between the blue sea and the blue sky. Cristina and Mirco's wedding on Capri took place against this enchanting backdrop. 

All the guests gathered on the terrace of the Gardens of Augustus, the place of excellence from which to admire the Faraglioni and in this magical place, in the late afternoon, their union was celebrated. There was a vintage atmosphere, you could breathe in the poetry of times gone by, it felt like being in 1960s Italy. This was also possible thanks to the sober and elegant style chosen by the bride and groom for their dresses.

walk of the bride and groom in the centre of Capri after the ceremony
Traditional photos and the "Da Paolino" reception

The traditional photos taken after the ceremony captured Cristina and Mirco in the early hours of the morning as they strolled carefree through the narrow streets of Capri under the astonished gaze of passers-by, who welcomed the couple with spontaneous applause and good wishes. 

The shots of the wedding are a combination of beauty and spontaneity, thanks also to the summer climate that the island is able to communicate at all times of the year. The backdrop is breathtaking and tells of an Italian spirit that knows how to break through national borders and fascinate people all over the world.

Cristina and Mirco's smiles were accompanied by the blue sea and the gentle wind in their hair. The evening lights gave a golden and elegant touch to their skin, while the clothes gave a retro, Bella Vita flavour to the images.

The bride and groom, having enjoyed the first moments of their union alone, couldn't wait to join their guests who were already waiting for them in the restaurant.

A wedding on Capri is synonymous with fun, after all, you're in Campania, the home of parties organised in grand style. Cristina and Mirco opted for a typical restaurant, "Da Paolino ", where a long table was laid between two rows of lemon trees. This fruit, a symbol of these places, was the leitmotif of all the decorations. It was also present in the centrepieces and on the small tiles that served as place cards for friends and relatives. 

Bride's toast during the wedding dinner on Capri
Kiss of the bride and groom during the cutting of the cake and wedding toast in Capri

Wild dancing and partying until the morning

On arrival at the restaurant, the bride and groom made themselves comfortable by making a change of dress: the bride wore a long voluminous skirt with vertical stripes and the groom took off his jacket to remain in a waistcoat.

During the dinner there was plenty of toasting, singing and dancing to traditional Italian tunes, giving the event a festive and engaging atmosphere that left no one untouched.

The cutting of the cake was accompanied by shouts of joy and messages of good wishes from all the relatives and friends who, on this special occasion, came together in one location to celebrate love.

In fact, a wedding on Capri is an unforgettable event that gives the bride and groom and all their guests unforgettable memories.

Choosing to get married on Capri means celebrating love and the joy of being together. Such a location, in a region which is in itself both cheerful and traditionalist, can only offer unique and unrepeatable emotions.  

aerial view of the island of Capri as seen from a drone

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