Wedding in Ponza

Fireworks, shades of yellow and blue and champagne on the high seas: our Ponza adventure!

Beautiful post-ceremony photo session on a boat in Ponza with the bride and groom

Wedding in Ponza

Victoria + Raffaele


Vittoria and Raffaele's Ponza wedding

The island of Ponza is a truly enchanting place to exchange promises of eternal love. In fact, it is a charming destination, full of breathtaking views and with a perfect climate all year round.

Montale called it paradise on earth and we know why. The beaches are of light, fine sand, with a blue sea and lots of beautiful nature all around. You can breathe in the scent of summer and it feels like being in a film from the 1950s, when the Bella Vita was a way of being and a style envied by the whole world.

A wedding here is sure to give your guests the chance to experience the emotions of a lifetime and to look back on the photos year after year.

Vittoria and Raffaele decided to organise their wedding on Ponza, a small paradise off the Gulf of Gaeta.

aerial view from drone Chiaia di Luna bay Ponza island

This was not only a beautiful event but also a long weekend -long party that involved the bride and groom and their friends in endless fun.

After all, in such a location, with the sea breeze and the warmth of the sun, you can't help but want to stay a while and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Ponza, a magical place where you can fall in love

Vittoria and Raffaele decided to tie the knot for life on the island of Ponza because this magical place has been an important landmark in their lives. Ever since they were children, both of them used to visit this place during the summer season, to dive into the blue water of the sea and take long swims. Their first meeting took place right here, so they wanted to organise their wedding in Ponza too.

Knowing the local traditions, the couple planned everything well by having family and friends gather on the island the day before the event and celebrate the patron saint, San Silverio, together. This gave everyone a chance to relieve some of the tension that often builds up before an important moment.

They visited the island, enjoying its beauty and relaxing under the bright sun. The streets of the small town helped them to relax and immerse themselves in a magical place rich in history.

Now, all that remained was to take the fateful steps towards the altar and declare their love forever.

The day of the yes

On the day of the wedding in Ponza, the air was very warm and the atmosphere sparkling. Vittoria got ready with her friends in her holiday home, which is located right next to the harbour. From there she walked along the island's main boulevard to the nearby church, where the excited relatives and groom were waiting for her.

The event was bright and cheerful, with yellow decorations emphasising the happiness of the moment. After the ceremony, Vittoria and Raffaele took a boat trip while all the guests greeted them from the port. This allowed them to have a few moments to themselves after becoming husband and wife. You can almost touch their happiness when you look at the photos of them.

The event was bright and cheerful, thanks also to the yellow decorations that emphasised the happiness of the couple. It was a truly original and heartfelt moment that allowed them to immerse themselves in the island's beautiful sea and cool down a little after the great emotion. The photos tell a story of a moment free of tension, fun and also unusual for a wedding. After all, it is these moments of originality that make a couple unique among so many others.

panorama of the island of Ponza as a backdrop to the bride and groom on a boat

Party till dawn and beyond

As soon as they set foot on dry land again, the newlyweds got into a jeep, which drove through small, uphill lanes, in

As soon as they set foot on dry land, the newlyweds climbed into a jeep adorned with the classic "Just Married" banners, which drove them through small uphill roads in a somewhat reckless route to the beautiful Chiaia di Lunahotel overlooking the sea.ย 

They were able to enjoy a phenomenal view, with lots of nature and the sea breeze gently caressing their skin.

bride and groom in sports car drive to wedding location in Ponza
great party at Chiaia di Luna bride with bridesmaids Wedding in Ponza

At the Hotel Chiaia di Luna all the guests were waiting for them and they welcomed them with enthusiasm. The celebrations began with an aperitif on a terrace with a breathtaking view; "Ti porto via con me," the couple's song, brightened the moment. The two lovers danced in front of the moved guests and promised each other eternal love once again in each other's arms.

cutting the cake decorated with a miniature lighthouse Wedding in Ponza

Afterwards, relatives and friends moved to the poolside, the chosen location for the dinner. Here, delicious local dishes were served, mostly based on fish, which the guests enjoyed with great enthusiasm.

After the cake had been cut, no one sat down at the tables, and everyone danced and goliardised until late into the night. The photos tell the story of a truly exciting and joyful party, where the friends of the bride and groom were able to put a big smile on their faces just by dancing wildly.

The wedding party for Vittoria and Raffaele's Ponza wedding did not end there, however. In spite of the early hours, relatives, friends and the bride and groom abandoned their elegant clothes and met up at the port for a boat trip.ย 

boat excursion to the coves of Ponza bride and groom dive with a kiss

Here, after uncorking the sparkling wine, everyone jumped into the sea for a swim. This moment was also very original. The photos captured amused and carefree faces, amid the splashing of the sea and the laughter of the relatives.

Back on the boat, a spaghetti meal prepared by the captain was already ready, thus ending a party that was only the beginning of a long love story.ย 

Throughout these two days, the island of Ponza with its wonders was a fantastic backdrop. The sun warmed everyone's soul and made them want to dive into the blue sea. It was certainly an unforgettable ceremony full of vitality.

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