Wedding at Lake Como

Elegant, refined, romantic: renowned all over the world, Lake Como is definitely one of the most beautiful sceneries in Italy!

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Wedding at Lake Como

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Every year many couples decide to celebrate their wedding on Lake Como. Elegant, refined, romantic. A ceremony on Lake Como is certainly unforgettable and can give unique emotions to anyone who lives it.

Lake Como is one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists visiting Italy. Maybe it's because of the elegance of its villas on the water, the natural landscapes, the beauty of the small towns that overlook the lake. Or maybe it's because of the hospitality, the refinement of the panorama and the numerous activities that can be carried out on the shores of this fantastic place.

In any case, Lake Como fascinates everyone, Lombards, Italians, foreigners, visitors and even newlyweds!

Getting married on Lake Como

Lake Como presents the most exclusive locations for organising your wedding in great style. On Lake Como you can find villas, castles and ancient palaces in one of the most evocative settings in Italy.

Getting married on Lake Como is the dream of many lovers because it continues to exert an extraordinary charm on couples. It has been extolled by the best writers and poets, because of its atmosphere and the beauty one can encounter. The sensations it offers are unique, the places are characterised by luxury and wonderful flowers that bloom in spring. The scenery is therefore perfect for an unforgettable wedding.

Brides and grooms will be spoilt for choice: Bellagio, the pearl of the lake, Cernobbio, Varenna, Como itself are just some of the destinations to choose from for a wedding on Lake Como. As a backdrop, there will always be the wonderful lake waters, with that indescribable sense of nostalgia and elegance. 

Let's see together some of the most beautiful and original locations for a unique and unforgettable wedding on Lake Como. Getting married on Lake Como means celebrating your wedding in the middle of the magic and enchantment of a place rich in art and history, surrounded by nature, perfect to collect breathtaking shots.

Villa Tigli

Let's start with a rather luxurious proposal with a special villa. This location is in Brunate, a municipality in the province of Como that lies on the eastern shore of the famous "branch of the lake". The area is famous for its beautiful historic Art Nouveau residences that attract visitors and VIPs every year who want to enjoy the Italian Dolce Vita.

Among these, Villa Tigli offers a truly exclusive and elegant wedding location in Brunate. It is a historic residence dating back to 1800, which overlooks Lake Como and its surroundings, guaranteeing a breathtaking view.

The location of Villa i Tigli allows you to enjoy a wonderful panorama that will leave all your wedding guests speechless. The imposing structure immediately catches the eye, also thanks to its clear and skilfully decorated façade.

It can be reached by funicular railway, offering guests a ride in a cabin to admire the surroundings of Lake Como. Once you reach the villa, you can enjoy a moment of tranquillity surrounded by the greenery of its one-hectare park. In the exclusive park there is a small, independent room, perfect for a small ceremony or a private moment during the celebrations.

The bride and groom can choose to set up the garden for the reception or even the light-filled hall that seats up to 40 people with a large terrace overlooking the lake. 

Following the celebrations, guests can also be accommodated in the elegant rooms of the historic residence. The staff at Villa Tigli can accommodate any request from the bride and groom, offering them the utmost professionalism and the wedding of their dreams.

Urio Castle

Let us now introduce you to a castle, with a flavour of yesteryear and decidedly elegant. The Urio Castle is a location overlooking Lake Como that gives the bride and groom the feeling of living in a fairytale.

The structure has a stately and elegant style, it is spacious and its peculiarity is the wonderful garden that surrounds it. The Urio Castle is an eighteenth-century structure that overlooks the water and can therefore be reached by boat. It is ideal for an original entrance for the bride and groom.

They can then feel like a royal couple arriving at the beautiful Italian gardens to celebrate their wedding with friends and family.

The castle staff take care of everything, from the organisation to the setting up of the spaces and activities. A wedding at Urio Castle is certainly an experience worth having and one that will leave an extraordinary memory with your guests.

Photos in the beautiful castle rooms or in the enchanting gardens will be great! You will feel like you are living in a fairy tale!

Villa Monastero Pax

Returning to historical residences, one cannot but consider Villa Monastero Pax for their reception. It is located in Lenno, overlooking the waters of Lake Como. As its name suggests, it is an oasis of peace and silence where you can celebrate a cosy and intimate reception with the people you love.

This was once a Roman domus. It contained not only the rooms of the nobility, but also relaxing baths. Today, on the outside of the villa there is a cosy marquee with a lake view where guests can enjoy an unforgettable day. The garden, then, is within reach of all guests, so you can relax during the reception and enjoy nature.

In the evening, when darkness falls, it is possible to admire the other side of Lake Como with its wonderful lights. The scenery is suggestive and makes every wedding exciting and unforgettable.

Farmhouse Le Due Querce

For brides and grooms who don't like chaos and prefer a homely, rustic reception, Agriturismo Le Due Querce is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and forget the chaos of the city for a while.

It is located in Binago, not far from Lake Como. It is family-run and has been organising the best wedding receptions for many years. Around the farmhouse, the relaxing and warm countryside reigns supreme with its greenery and the presence of lovely animals.

Agriturismo Le Due Querce is surrounded by a large garden, perfect for a reception in contact with nature. It is also possible to request a marquee to accommodate guests in cold weather and still enjoy the view.

The internal structure, on the other hand, has two rooms, one called the Pink Room, which is modern and very spacious, and an Old Room which, as its name suggests, has retained its old structure and furnishings, perfect for those who want a more rustic and relaxed atmosphere.

The flagship of the agriturismo, however, is its extensive menu of local dishes. The ingredients used are genuine and zero kilometre.

The staff will be happy to accommodate the bride and groom's requests in order to offer the best possible service and make the wedding reception unforgettable.

Villa Dominis

Villa Dominis is a rich and luxurious property that has the distinction of also offering guests an outdoor swimming pool. Although the name might suggest a historic villa, it is a relatively new building with 20,000 square metres of garden all around.

The villa was built in the early twentieth century and is surrounded by rare and secular plants. It is an original and perfect location to combine historicity with modernity and thus please all your guests.

The Villa Dominis has ample space indoors, as well as the possibility of setting up the garden for a reception surrounded by nature. The reception hall is impressive, with two adjoining cosy rooms with fireplaces, ideal for a wedding in cold weather.

The outdoor areas feature a veranda, a large park or even a relaxing swimming pool. Cool, refreshing cocktails can be served here on request.

Villa Dominis is an ideal choice for those who want to celebrate a relaxed wedding without sacrificing elegance.

Villa Revel Parravicini

The villa owes its name to its owner, General Genova Thaon de Revel, a leading figure and hero of the Risorgimento who bought the property at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, it has been called Villa Revel Parravicini, after the surname of his daughter Ottavia who inherited the house.

The beauty of this location lies not only in the grandeur of the structure, the surrounding garden or the fact that it overlooks the lake. The villa has its own private dock, perfect for boating or even for taking unforgettable photos.

The villa not only has spacious and elegant rooms inside, but also a garden that can be set up for a reception surrounded by greenery. Thanks to the neoclassical style structure, the bride and groom will feel as if they have stepped back in time and experienced a fairytale from the last century. Lake Como provides a stunning backdrop for a day to remember.

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