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The deafening silence of the desert, the colourful chaos of the Medina, the sounds, scents and visions of the Middle East: our Wedding in Morocco!

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Marrakech Morocco

Savis + Giulio


Wedding in Morocco: the incredible experience of Julius and Savis

Getting married in Morocco is a unique experience and the locations prove to be perfect for taking beautiful wedding photos. The desert is the ideal backdrop for portraying the love of the bride and groom, while the colourful traditions of the Moroccans bring vibrancy and energy to the whole ceremony.

Even celebrities have opted for a wedding in Morocco, like Tom Cruise! This is because the location is so beautiful and makes it possible to make wonderful wedding albums or, as in the case of the couple we're about to meet, sensational reportages.

Giulio and Savis turned a dream into reality by organising their wedding in this exotic location. In fact, the couple said their "I do's" in the desert just outside Marrakech. They immersed themselves in a culture different from their own to give their families a truly unforgettable event.

A detail of the Fez, the typical Moroccan headgear

The decision of Julius and Savis

Giulio is from Rome, while Savis is from Iran. So neither of them is originally from Morocco and they opted for this destination as it is exactly halfway from their home countries. 

The newlyweds chose Marrakech as the location to celebrate their union. In fact, this pearl in the desert is the symbolic city of Morocco, full of life, scents and corners of paradise waiting to be discovered.

Marrakech is favourably located and a must for travellers: its sights, colours and warm climate often recur in the dreams of adventurers. Savis belongs to this category: he works for the UN and travelling around the world is his daily bread. Giulio appreciates the emotions that only travel can provide. The choice that brought them together was an experience in the middle of the desert, the cornerstone of their Moroccan marriage. 

A panoramic view of Marrakech, its colourful roofs and the Minaret in the background

Wedding in Morocco: the rite in the desert

A few kilometres from Marrakech is the Scarabeo Camp, a magical place that literally rises out of the desert. Various types of events can be organised here, including a typical Moroccan wedding.

How is marriage celebrated in Morocco?

The Moroccan wedding ceremony is, to say the least, spectacular. The moment when the bride and groom say 'yes' is called Drib Sdak and requires the presence of witnesses and a notary, called Adoul.

At the end of this ritual, the actual celebrations begin, lasting up to three days.

On the first day, the bride undergoes a purification ritual in the "Hammam", a Moroccan sauna. This ritual can take place in the presence of friends and relatives. On the second day, the women put beautiful henna tattoos on her hands as good luck charms.

The third day is the wedding day. The groom and his relatives arrive at the location and wait for the bride. She reaches 'the altar' inside an 'Amaria', a complex wooden structure, carried on the shoulders of 4-6 men.

The couple then sits on an elevated sofa. At this stage, photos can be taken with the various guests. 

The impressive Scarab Camp, scene of the desert ceremony
The ceremony of Julius and Savis

Giulio, all dressed in white, arrived at the altar riding a camel, while Savis, in a beautiful dress with an embroidered bodice and a wide skirt, joined him immediately afterwards on her father's arm, walking on the sand.

The ceremony was very simple, the decorations were essential: flowers in different shades of pink and white cloths that made the protagonists of the event, Giulio and Savis, stand out.

The arrival of the bridegroom in the middle of the desert on camelback
The arrival of the bride on her father's arm, directly in the sands of the desert
The exchange of rings against the impressive backdrop of the desert

After the wedding, the bride and groom were carried in triumph on two wooden sedan chairs amidst the applause and cheers of family and friends, who were enjoying an aperitif of classic Moroccan mint tea.

The bride and groom carried in triumph immediately after the end of the ceremony
The bride and groom carried in triumph immediately after the end of the ceremony

Party till late at night

To celebrate their union, Giulio and Savis' guests returned to the city and met up at the renowned Beldi Country Club in Marrakech where, as well as enjoying exquisite traditional dishes, there is also the opportunity to relax in the swimming pools and spa. 

Belly dancers welcomed the bride and groom and then everyone was refreshed with a typical Moroccan dinner. When night fell, the dancing began and was only momentarily interrupted by the cutting of the cake.

The day after their Moroccan wedding, the couple had the pleasure of getting lost in Marrakech's labyrinthine market, the famous Medina, and in the afternoon, they relaxed by the pool with family and friends.

The entrance sign to the Souk, Marrakech's covered market.

Wedding photos in Morocco

Giulio and Savis did not want a classic wedding video but chose a real travel reportage, able to enhance the magical places where their wedding took place. 

Morocco wedding: a unique memory that was much appreciated not only by the couple, as the video story of their event received theEditor's Choice Award from the famous LoveStoriesTV website.

Savis's smile and Giulio's loving eyes struck all the spectators. The story of the wedding thus passed through the highlights of the ceremony, showing all the rituals from the "yes" to the celebrations.

Marrakech was the backdrop to the love between Julius and Savis, bringing a touch of tradition and magic to an already close-knit couple. It was the perfect choice for exchanging vows and the result is clearly visible in the pictures of the most beautiful moments of the celebration.

Desert night falls and circles of fire are lit with the initials of the bride and groom

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