Wedding at the Rocca d'Ajello

An international wedding in the heart of the Marche region: the ancient fortress of Rocca d'Ajello is the setting for Krista and Marco's great love!


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Today we meet an international couple: Marco is Italian, Krista is Dutch but they live and met in London, working in the same company. However, the call of Italy is always irresistible: in fact, only our Bel Paese offers breathtaking views and incredible locations.

They chose the Marche, Marco's homeland, as the place to celebrate their love. In particular, they opted for a medieval location, enclosed within the walls of an ancient fortress dating back to 1200. We are talking about Rocca d'Ajello, a jewel in the province of Macerata.

Getting married in Le Marche

A wedding in Le Marche is an experience to be lived and remembered. It is a wonderful place that overlooks the sea, thanks to a whole series of wonderful beaches where tourists can't wait to go in the summer.

The Marche also offers breathtaking landscapesinland, made up of unspoilt countryside, nature and wonderful views. This land is beautiful in summer and evocative in the cold seasons. The climate is perfect all year round, mitigated by the presence of the sea, which makes Le Marche perfect for organising unforgettable events.

Besides, we are in Central Italy and that always means great food!

There is no shortage of wedding venues in the Marche region. There are splendid gardens, historic churches, rustic farmhouses and even numerous castles, such as the Rocca d'Ajello.

Getting married at Rocca d'Ajello

On the outskirts of the historic town of Camerino is the Rocca D'Ajello, a beautiful fortified medieval castle, with inside rooms still intact, carved into the rock as they were in the Middle Ages. 

It is a 13th century structure that belonged to the Varano Dukes of Camerino. The beauty of this location lies not only in the opportunity to immerse oneself in a fascinating part of human history, but it also offers wonderful locations for celebrating a wedding.

Nearby is the charming church of San Biagio, which stands on a wooded hill in the heart of the Marche region, in the midst of the greenest nature. 

Around the castle there are immense and well-kept botanical gardens, which serve as a romantic and exclusive location for any wedding. The spacious, medieval-style halls welcome and amaze thousands of guests every year, who can't wait to celebrate a new married couple.

What is certainly striking are the numerous flowers that populate the garden and create a sensational backdrop to any event. There could not be a more perfect location for an international wedding couple eager to say their fateful "I do's".

Marco and Krista: the ceremony

Theceremony took place in the enchanting garden of the Rocca d'Ajello. The bride and groom prepared themselves separately in the rooms of the castle specially prepared for them. Accompanying the future members of the couple were the groomsmen and bridesmaids who helped the couple prepare for their big day.

A white carpet was laid out in the gardens of Rocca d'Ajello, leading to a gazebo made of white flowers, where the civil ceremony would take place. The decorations chosen were very simple, but elegant, with small bouquets of flowers on all the rows of chairs. The guests waited anxiously for the arrival of the bride and groom, under a fairly warm but pleasant sun.

The warmer ones were given a fan to make the wait less hot. The first to arrive was Marco, who waited for his beautiful bride nervously but also curiously. Who knows what dress she had chosen for her big day, who knows how beautiful she looked!

Krista arrived accompanied by her dad, who then surprised everyone by accompanying part of the ceremony with the notes of his guitar. 

The bride and groom exchanged their vows and then warmed the hearts of the guests with a romantic kiss to seal their great love.

Marco and Krista were greeted with a cascade of rice and rose petals.

The Festival

Afterwards, the newlyweds took a beautiful walk around the castle walls for couple photos surrounded by nature. The couple exchanged gestures and words of love, immortalised against a breathtaking backdrop of the Marche hills.

The result is a photo book full of emotions, in which all the feelings of this beautiful couple emerge. The sun kissed their faces and gave a romantic touch to every shot. Krista's golden hair blended perfectly with the location, while Marco's loving smile brought brightness to every photo.

After the shooting session, the bride and groom joined their relatives and friends in one of the rooms of Rocca d'Ajello. They were greeted by glasses full of bubbly and happy applause. Krista's dad also played at his daughter's reception, along with a group of other musicians.

This made the atmosphere even more familiar and fun, filling the main courtyard square with music and applause. The dinner was obviously in full Italian style, with typical local products that were very tasty and agreed with all the guests.

After dinner, everyone hit the dance floor to the sounds of the live band. The atmosphere was very youthful and the medieval walls of the Rocca d'Ajello gave a very sophisticated rustic touch to the ambience. 

Marco and Krista's dream could not have been crowned with a better location, in the heart of the Bel Paese in a rustic, old-fashioned atmosphere surrounded by the most unspoilt nature.

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