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Tenuta San Lorenzo

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Tenuta di San Lorenzo is located in the countryside of Foligno, 7 km from the town centre. It has a really interesting position, on top of a hill that offers a wonderful view, between the valley of the Topino river and the Chiana torrent. Its extension of 400 hectares makes it really amazing, with wonderful vines all around, olive trees and a pleasant wood where you can also see animals.

Its structure is sober and elegant, perfect for any reception. For a wedding in Umbria it is perfect, as it allows you to experience all the beauty of the heart of Italy and discover beautiful landscapes, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Its indoor and outdoor venues are very versatile and can accommodate all kinds of events, conferences, presentations, award ceremonies, but above all weddings. The views are stunning, as are the spacious rooms, and the bride and groom can organise their dream day exactly as they wish.

Why get married in Umbria

Umbria is located right in the heart of Italy. It is the smallest region of the peninsula, but probably also the most characteristic, thanks to its historical background that makes it unique in the world. The various events that have characterised it have allowed the birth of enchanting places: castles, medieval villages, villas, walls and many other breathtaking sites that you just can't miss!

This means that the Umbrian landscape is steeped in history and allows anyone to experience their event to the fullest, with a beautiful backdrop linked to other times. The territory is mainly hilly and this allows you to admire splendid views from above. There are no large cities. The capital is Perugia, a town rich in history and beauty, enlivened by the Jazz festival towards the end of the year.

Otherwise, Umbria is known for its beautiful villages. Newlyweds can choose one of these locations to celebrate an original and unforgettable wedding. With stone walls and cobblestones as a backdrop, the photos of the most important day of their lives will be enchanting and to be cherished in time.ย 

There is no shortage of wedding locations in Umbria. No matter what the style or theme of the wedding. This beautiful region will certainly satisfy any need, thanks to the magnificence of its landscapes, the delicious local cuisine and the scent of tradition in the air.

Among the most beautiful wedding locations in Umbria, we must mention Tenuta San Lorenzo.

Getting married at Tenuta San Lorenzo

Tenuta San Lorenzo is located in the heart of Italy, surrounded by vast natural spaces. It consists of several historic villas with large reception rooms and suites where you can enjoy the panorama of Italy's smallest and most characteristic region.

Tenuta San Lorenzo Vecchio is located a few kilometres from Foligno, in the province of Perugia. Its layout is vaguely reminiscent of that of a historic village, with its cosy atmosphere and its beautiful, well-kept garden. Especially in the summer months, this enchanting place is transformed by the blossoming of enchanting, fragrant flowers.

The versatility of its indoor and outdoor spaces make it suitable for weddings in both warm and cold seasons. The beauty of this venue offers ample opportunity to celebrate your wedding, as each space can be completely customised. Whatever the bride and groom's request, the staff at Tenuta San Lorenzo will meet it.

The large garden that surrounds the estate offers an idyllic landscape to discover. Guests cannot help but immerse themselves in the green of the surrounding nature and breathe in the clean air, purified by the numerous plants.

Not only that, but the interior spaces are also truly wonderful, cleverly furnished with vintage and decorated items. In fact, you can admire decoupage and painting works in the various rooms of the hotel, which make each room more curious and amazing. Most of the rooms also have skilfully restored fireplaces that provide a cosy and warm atmosphere even in the winter season.

The bride and groom can accommodate a large number of people, so they can share their special day with friends and family. In addition, Tenuta San Lorenzo offers guests rooms where they can stay before or after the ceremony. These have beds, kitchens, living rooms and large private bathrooms so you can enjoy the comfort of home, but in a place to be admired from top to bottom. After all, Umbria is a gem waiting to be discovered and you can take advantage of a special moment to go on an excursion all together!

The venue can be booked on an exclusive basis, so you can enjoy your special day in peace and quiet and without disturbance. The staff can devise highly personalised solutions to make each wedding unique. From the setting up of the spaces to the catering, the bride and groom can choose in detail how to spend their most important day.

Here you can not only celebrate your wedding, but also celebrate it. Tenuta San Lorenzo has a beautiful consecrated chapel that dates back to the 14th century and belonged to the Franciscan monks.ย 

The pride and joy of the Tenuta is also its cuisine: it relies on the expert hands of the kitchen brigade led by Flaminia De Luca who offers the best traditional dishes of Central Italy. Cold cuts, meats, fresh pasta and fine wines from the area will delight the palates of your guests. The watchword is freshness. The Tenuta serves only high quality, seasonal and zero kilometre products. Not to be missed is the exquisite estate coffee. Delicious!

Tenuta San Lorenzo is a perfect location for those who want to get married in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by nature, for an intimate and romantic wedding in Umbria. The property is truly complete and can be the ideal solution for celebrating your wedding and the new husband and wife. For a wedding in Umbria, you can put Tenuta San Lorenzo among your favourite options!

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