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An eccentric English wedding couple and a truly cinematic video: a crazy wedding at Villa Catignano!


Villa Catignano

Sally + Mark


Today we take you to the wedding of Sally and Mark, one of the most energetic and fun couples we have ever worked with. Mark and Sally are English, from London, but with an infinite love for our beautiful country. After all, getting married in Italy has its own personal charm.

Their wedding was truly original and full of surprises, from the ceremony to the video, from the location to the reception. Let's discover together the fantastic day of Matk and Sally and their wedding at Villa Catignano.

Getting married at Villa Catignano

Villa Catignano is an exclusive wedding and holiday venue near Siena in Tuscany. This region can always enrapture the hearts of foreigners who cannot help but choose it to spend the summer or to pronounce the most important "yes" of their lives.

Villa Catignano is an ancient Sienese noble residence adjacent to a farm, located in the Chianti Classico countryside. The mansion dates back to the second half of the 17th century and overlooks an evocative Italian garden where chic events can be celebrated.

The structure also offers large indoor spaces where guests can be received or stay for several nights. The location is truly suggestive, immersed in nature and history. Here the typical rustic style of the Italian countryside is mixed with the elegance of other times, to offer guests unique and unrepeatable experiences.

The Marriage of Sally and Mark

As already mentioned, Sally and Mark's was one of the most fun weddings we have ever been to, especially because of the "crazy" idea we were given by the couple themselves to make the video. 

Mark is a British wedding videomaker and we met on a professional Facebook group. He has always admired our style and, when he chose to get married in Italy, he decided that we would be his videomakers. 

Filming a colleague's wedding is always a very interesting challenge and Mark and his girlfriend Sally made it even more unique: they asked us if it was too crazy to make a wedding trailer, but with the theme of the film 'Pulp Fiction'. And we immediately said "absolutely not, let's do it!". 

So we started writing a mini-script, reworking some of the film's most famous scenes and adapting the dialogue to the context of the wedding. It was a longer job than usual, but we had a lot of fun and the result is amazing.

Creating the scenes for the video was child's play. Starting with the bride and groom, Sally is also a former actress and you can see her command of the scene, but the guests also lent themselves to this crazy but brilliant little idea. 

However, we also decided to film the ceremony in a more traditional way, so that the elegance of the location would not be shaken too much by the Tarantino touch.

The Ceremony

On a very sunny day, amidst nature and the Italian sky, Mark and Sally's ceremony took place. The couple got ready, as is traditional, in two separate rooms of the villa, accompanied by their closest friends and relatives. Their smiles spoke volumes: they couldn't wait to promise each other eternal love for life.

While Sally opted for a sober, nature-inspired look, with beautiful flowers on the bodice of her dress, Mark made a more original entrance. He arrived at the ceremony dressed as a boxer, quoting Butch's character, Bruce Willis, also from Pulp Fiction. 

The love of cinema is therefore a constant in this couple.

However, underneath his boxing gloves and dressing gown, he was wearing his very elegant and discreet shirt with bow tie. Despite the grand entrance and the cheerfulness, his face still showed the tension and anticipation of seeing his beautiful Sally make her entrance.

Sally was walked down the aisle by her dad, dressed casually but with a wonderful smile on his face. In general, all the guests were very casual, partly because the day turned out to be quite sunny.

The ceremony was short but engaging and no one could contain their excitement when Mark and Sally finally became husband and wife. 

The first steps as a married couple were taken under a cascade of rice and delicate confetti. 

The Festival

The party started immediately in a very relaxed atmosphere. Most of the guests were young and couldn't resist the temptation to lift Mark up and throw him in the air. 

Immediately the little train started and everyone went to the room where they would enjoy typical Tuscan delicacies. Mark and Sally didn't let go for a second, demonstrating to all the guests their inseparable bond. Everyone went wild on the dance floor, bringing joy to the whole Villa Catignano. There was no lack of games, jokes, laughter and moments of reckless joy. The celebrations lasted long into the night.

Throughout the day the British couple were filmed against the backdrop of the beautiful Chianti hills. Getting married in Tuscany means embracing Italian style and immersing oneself in the typical hospitality of these areas.

The filming was truly spontaneous and natural, surrounded by the greenery and beauty of the Tuscan landscapes. No other country in the world can offer the same emotions and warmth as Italy.

Mark and Sally's gazes were captured by our cameras to be kept forever in memory. The sun warmed their hearts and nature enveloped them in its gentle embrace. Villa Catignano was the perfect choice to make Sally and Mark's big dream come true. They couldn't have got married in a better location.

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