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Lauren and Harry's special day at Villa Elda!

a romantic kiss at sunset at Villa Elda a beautiful English married couple

Villa Elda

Lauren + Harry


Lauren and Harry's special day at Villa Elda

Villa Elda is an exclusive location, a luxurious and elegant residence at the foot of Lake Monterosi in the province of Viterbo. Many couples choose this structure to say their "yes", because it is also perfect to spend a few extra days. In fact, it allows accommodation in some rooms and in a suite that is usually dedicated to the bride and groom.

Let's find out how it went and why Villa Elda is perfect to celebrate a fairytale wedding!

detail of the bride's bouquet at Villa Elda

Lauren and Harry decided to celebrate their special day in Italy even though they are both of British descent and live in Dubai. For this event they gathered family and friends at the beautiful Villa Elda, a magical place to celebrate their wedding.ย 

The location is ideal for organising a lavish, elegant wedding and offering your guests a new, all-Italian experience. The historic mansion offers spacious and breathtaking rooms, while the view of Lake Monterosi provides a setting that is vaguely reminiscent of English suburbs, calm, elegant and surrounded by greenery.

More and more couples are choosing to celebrate their special day in central Italy, but without going to the capital. Rather, they choose the tranquillity of the countryside, the green and unspoilt landscapes. In this sense, Viterbo is a breathtaking area, with plenty of locations perfect for marvelling and also for taking wonderful photos against a green and vaguely English backdrop.

detail of the bride's dressing gown during the preparations at Villa Elda

The day before the wedding

Lauren and Harry, wanting to spend some time with their friends, who would also be at their side the next day during the ceremony, decided to relax taking advantage of the ample space offered by Villa Elda, both inside and outside the structure.

Harry spent relaxing moments sipping a cold beer with his friends on a shady terrace. The atmosphere was very convivial, nobody had yet worn the formal dress of the ceremony.

Lauren spent a quiet afternoon with her friends, who surprised her with matching flowered dressing gowns: the bride's was distinguished by the words 'bride' on the back and the white background. Together they relaxed in the grand suite and by the lake, sharing memories and celebrating with a toast, never overdoing it, as Lauren was expecting on the day.

The atmosphere was mostly relaxed, although one could breathe in the desire to get to the next day and say the fateful 'yes' that would change the lives of two families.

groomsmen and friends waiting for the ceremony

The ceremony by the lake

One of the special features of Villa Elda is the possibility to hold the wedding with the lake as a backdrop. In this case, Lauren and Harry decided to add an arch made of flowers to the beautiful landscape. The ceremony took place outdoors, under a wonderful sun.

As well as the bride and groom, their friends, who had been with the couple the day before, put on their best clothes and were thrilled when Lauren, accompanied by her father, joined Harry and together they recited their vows.

The shots of the moment show faces full of happiness and tears of emotion. The bridesmaids, in their light-coloured dresses, paraded up to stand next to Lauren, who was the most excited of all. On their faces are wishes of happiness for the couple, including the imminent arrival of their baby.

Throughout the ceremony there was a natural touch, thanks to the location, but also to the bridesmaids' small bouquets, the bride's hairstyle and her dress, embellished with very elegant floral patterns.

After the ceremony, all the guests moved to a more intimate area, where the tables were laid with a refined and elegant mise en place. The bride and groom devoted themselves to their photo shoot, handled by our renowned colleague Daniele Torella.

the groom waiting and the arrival of the bridesmaids at the ceremony at Villa Elda
Kiss of the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony at Villa Elda

They chose to exchange deep glances at sunset in the midst of nature. The light, which became fainter and fainter as the minutes passed, made their photos, characterised by strong chiaroscuro, unique.

We chose to keep the photos spontaneous, inviting the couple to walk through the beautiful gardens, exchanging jokes, laughter and sweet words. The final effect is a photo book of smiles, gestures and love.ย 

The sun was another big star of the shoot, making the newlyweds' skin golden and radiant. On Lauren's hair, the rays created a beautiful effect that was impossible not to capture.

In the meantime, relatives and friends eagerly awaited the couple's arrival so that the celebrations could finally begin.

tender kiss on the bride's forehead with soft sunset light at Villa Elda
The party with family and friends

When the sun finally went down, the party got going: there were many touching moments, the one that made many pull out their handkerchiefs from their pockets was Harry's speech, who opened his heart to Lauren and everyone present.

laughter and merriment among the bride and groom during the reception at Villa Elda

This was followed by perhaps the most unforgettable moment of the day: the cutting of the cake. This took place at the edge of the lake while the sky was illuminated by many fireworks reflecting on the flat surface of the water. In addition to the strong feelings, Villa Elda is also the perfect setting for the carefree celebrations: Lauren and Harry together with their friends and relatives took part in dancing and toasts that lasted late into the night.

cake cutting with fireworks at Villa Elda

No one wanted to retreat to their rooms, in order to be as close as possible to the new couple and share the happiness of that day. Villa Elda offered a really exclusive location, spacious, beautiful and where you could party until late. Everything went very well and the newlyweds could start a new chapter of their life together.

romantic moment with the bride and groom in silhouette during the sunset at Villa Elda

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