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Villa Miani: the ideal location for a Destination Wedding in the Eternal City!

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Villa Miani

Dalal + Fahad


The timeless charm of the Eternal City and a beautiful married couple from the Middle East: Destination Wedding at Villa Miani!

Today we meet a very original married couple. They are Dalal and Fahad, originally from the Middle East. Their large family, in fact, comes from different countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq.

Their union marks the meeting of different cultures and the crowning of a sincere love, to be celebrated no less than in our beautiful country. To say the most important "yes" of their lives, they chose one of the most famous locations in Rome. It is appreciated both by the Romans themselves and by foreign brides and grooms. It is famous above all for its incredible view over the capital and its terraces from which to admire the whole of Rome and its most important monuments. From here, in fact, you can admire St. Peter's and the Altare della Patria, both during the day and splendidly illuminated at night. 

The location is Villa Miani.

Getting married in Rome

Rome is a city rich in history that the whole world envies. The hospitality of its inhabitants, the monuments, including one of the seven wonders of the world, the Colosseum, and the scent of history, attract millions of tourists and even foreigners every year who want to celebrate their wedding.

One of the most striking locations in the capital is certainly Villa Miani, a prestigious structure built in neoclassical style. Even the view from outside is breathtaking, as the facade is imposing and very precious. The interior is perfect for hosting elegant events and chic weddings.

What guests appreciate most, however, is the wonderful terrace overlooking Rome. From here you can see the dome of St. Peter's, but also the Altare della Patria and all the beauties of the capital.

The spacious indoor halls, the outdoor landscape and the gardens around the villa create the perfect setting for a dream wedding, unforgettable. Just like Dalal and Fahad's.

The Marriage of Dalal and Fahad

The bride and groom got ready separately in two rooms at Villa Miani. The tension was cut with a knife, but the atmosphere was quite emotional.

The bride and groom opted for western clothes, with a sumptuous and sometimes sexy wedding dress and an elegant suit for him.

The couple got ready, accompanied by their closest friends and relatives, in an atmosphere of electric anticipation. 

The Ceremony

The typical ceremony consisted of a long walk of the bride from the main terrace to the garden below where the father symbolically handed over his daughter to the future groom. 

The atmosphere immediately became more relaxed, amidst the smiles and jokes of the married couple.

The guests were welcomed in the garden of Villa Miani, where a long white carpet was laid out and chairs were arranged for the ceremony.

According to tradition, the couple then arrived at a stage where they performed their first dance, with the magical backdrop of Rome. This part of the garden was decorated with delicate white flowers. The final effect is a stunning picture with the beautiful dome of St Peter's in the background and the bride and groom exchanging affectionate glances. Around them, the nature of Villa Miani accompanied their first romantic dance. They could not have chosen a better location to exchange their vows.

The ceremony then continued with the couple's greetings to all the relatives and more slow dancing. At the end of it all, the newlyweds were greeted with applause and laughter and were able to take their first steps as husband and wife, hand in hand.

The Festival

Dinner was served on the first terrace of Villa Miani, with a typical Roman stornelli show. They sang some of the greatest hits of Italian music in the capital, delighting the ears of the guests, most of whom were from Middle Eastern countries.

After all, Italian charm manages to strike a chord with people from all over the world.

Meanwhile, evening had fallen over Rome, offering a breathtaking panorama. The dark sky was illuminated by the bright lights of the city and the golden dome of St. Peter's took the words away from anyone who admired it.

On the second terrace the cutting of the cake took place, which was spectacular, with a backdrop of fireworks and the monuments of Rome magically illuminated in the night. 

The three-tiered cake was very elegant, white with gold decorations, reminiscent of the beautiful monuments of the Middle East. The guests were served and enjoyed another Italian delicacy, this time rich in sugar.

It was just what was needed, because then the dancing began. The party continued throughout the night, unleashed by a famous Lebanese DJ, who skilfully mixed Western pop songs with Middle Eastern rhythms and percussion.

Nobody stood still for a second, involved as they were in Dalal and Fahad's party.

The hall was a spectacle, guaranteed by the meeting of different faces, cultures and clothes. Some wore western clothes and some wore ceremonial clothes from the Middle East. The young and bubbly atmosphere really got everyone involved and it can be said that it was a very original and fun wedding.

Despite the energy, however, elegance reigned, certainly enhanced by Villa Miani's incredible interior.

This location provided a truly evocative backdrop for the couple, who had their photo taken with Rome behind them and the Italian sun kissing their faces.

For those who want to celebrate a unique, elegant and breathtaking wedding, Villa Miani is indeed a perfect choice. With Rome as the witness of the ceremony, this location offers spacious and historic surroundings as well as a unique view and a well-kept garden.

Congratulations to Dalal and Fahad for the fantastic choice!

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